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Aircraft Wargame 3

Game of warplanes has AIR COMBATS of pure action. Experience the excitement of an aviator piloting the combat aircraft of World War II in 1942. Have FORCE TO SURVIVE to different air battles and COMPLETE OBJECTIVES. As a game of warplanes, you will have to fly planes, launch missiles, fire GENETIC ARMS and detonate bombs to shoot down enemy waves. PREPARE TO SHOOT and use special abilities against your enemies. The missions have several difficulties and a BIG BOSS final. Complete missions and WIN A REWARD. As a war game, you will have to protect allies, learn enemy tactics and pilot combat aircraft to complete missions. Without a doubt, it is the videogame of the most played fighter planes in recent times. MORE FEATURES: • BATTLES: World War II. • DIFFERENT WAR AIRCRAFT: Eurofighter, Typhoon, Raptor, Corsair. ... • IMMERSIVE GAMEPLAY: is designed for all types of players and is easy to learn. • CONTROLS: they are simple and intuitive. • PLAY FREE. • GRAPHICS: they are of the style of classic video games with UNPRECEDENTED REALISM. • MUSIC: and the effects of sounds are in harmony with graphics and playability. • CONNECTION: PERMANENT INTERNET CONNECTION IS NOT REQUIRED • TRANSLATED: in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Brazilian, Turkish, Russian, Malay, Japanese, Chinese, Danish, Norwegian, Polish, Swedish, Indonesian, Arabic, Korean, Thai, Indian and Persian. • OPTIMIZED FOR A LARGE VARIETY OF TABLETS AND TELEPHONES Thanks for playing Twitter : @arieshgs Email : [email protected] Facebook : Google Play Store : Google Plus :
Aircraft Wargame 3

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