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Pixel Arena Online: Blocky PvP Multiplayer Shooter APK


Pixel Arena Online: Blocky PvP Multiplayer Shooter

Choose your hero, add perks, and start the battle in a renewed PVP Shooter Pixel Arena Online! Forget about everything that you’ve seen before, soldier! It’s an absolutely new multiplayer shooting game! Are you ready? Everything will be different this time! Let’s start! Get ready for a new pixel shooter experience! Play in the Sandbox mode to master your weapon and improve your shooting skills in FPS. Learn how to win any combat and become the most effective enemy killer! Then move to the Capture mode, join the army, control the checkpoints, kill the enemy team with awesome guns, and score more points! Participate in the tournaments, join squads, shoot, and win! There are different cool maps included in the battlefield, ranging from Western City and Desert Base to Pirate Frigate and Railway Station. Win them all! Kill your enemies on the war battlegrounds and get more cups to increase your international ranking. Choose from all types of heroes with unique skills and varied perks that make them even better with each new level. Pick the best skins for each character. Each hero has a unique set of weapons, such as Revolver, Stinger gun, Pump Shotgun, Skinner, Razor, Striker gun, Cutthroats, Boxing Gloves, Beretta, and much more! You can always choose what you want to improve in your hero! And don’t forget to use your hero’s awesome abilities in our pixel shooter. Throw grenades, use deafening charges, shoot with bazooka, make flying jumps that damage everyone around, launch medical drones, deploy mines and traps, stay invisible, use flamethrower to burn everything on your way – and this is still not all! Get medals in the arena for player kill, first blood, double kill, team victory, kill strike and other achievements! Open all kinds of chests that contain common, rare, or even legendary perks. Use them to make your character stronger. Start in the Copper League, complete all tasks, win the battles, and get to the Diamond league! Have fun with one of the best shooter games and participate in the most epic killing battles ever! Play alone or with friends, play in a team choosing the best tactics for each game. Be the best in this pixel game! It's time to WIN! Game features: ★ Cool blocky shooter game ★ 5 minute 4 vs 4 PVP battles; ★ International ranking; ★ The possibility to adjust virtual joystick during the battle; ★ Daily tasks and rewards; ★ Heroes with 4 unique skills and various perks that improve them; ★ Awesome maps: Abandoned Town, Military Base, or how about trying a Pirate Ship? Test them all! Choose your own tactics for each game! ★ A great variety of shooting weapons; ★ Awesome voxel art! ★ Multiplayer online mode; ★ The possibility to play with friends. The time has come to take an action! Download Pixel Arena right now and enjoy playing this awesome online shooter game! Important information: Pixel Arena Online is a free multiplayer shooter game, but some game items could be sold for real money. To always keep in touch and follow our news, join us on social networks. Use hashtag #PixelArenaOnline to share your battle achievements!
Pixel Arena Online: Blocky PvP Multiplayer Shooter

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