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Angry StickMan

One a day, at the countryside far away light of the city. The legend Stickman with his family have been living the happiest days together. The Gangsters of Evil Stick Band is finding him to revenge for all the things he done for them. After found out his family but not see him, they have killed all people of his family. When Stickman came back home and realized his family be killed the anger inside him was released than ever!!! On this time, The Stickman have prepared all weapons. You don't need waste time to collect them. Include 3 kind of weapon: - SWORD & SABRE: + The Pink Light Sword. + The Golden Sword. + The Blue Swing Sword. + The Green Sabre. - Hammer & Stick: + The Heavy Hammer. + The Needle Stick. - Gun & Grenade: + The Golden Baretta. + The Rouleau. + The Blue Grenade. Beside all the weapons, he has more 2 FATALITY SKILLS: + The Lighting Power + The Thunder Storm * Notes: + To using fatality skill you must have enough 'MANA' that getting by killing enemies. + Each of enemies to be killed you got gold coin that could be buy power or bullet for your weapons. + How many enemies be killed that is your SCORE. ★ Special in NEW RELEASE v2.0 : Add more 2 strongest weapons - AK47. - Rocket Machine. ★ Special in NEW RELEASE v2.1 : Add more FATALITY SKILL: - The Fire Kick. ★ The FINAL VERSION 3.0 : CHALLENGE to get REWARDS ** In this version you will have chance to challenge with "SAMURAI EVIL" boss. Don't miss them, they will be really exciting challenge to update your skill in 'Angry Stickman'. Beside that, If you can defeat boss you can get some rewards to continue your adventure. Now what 're you waiting for!!!! ** Notice: To defeat boss easier you must do some trick to avoid his attack (Don't forget 'Roll Kick'). ** This is final version for "Angry Stickman". Don't miss and wait for my NEW GAME(It's really cool).
Angry StickMan

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