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Deadbotz 3 Mute Winter multiplayer wifi shooter

multiplayer offline / internet wifi pvp third person shooter game: Battle robot and cyborg divisions in the snow filled city Collect: fireballs, health, credit and weapons: pulse rifle, machine gun, sniper rifle. Single or PVP multiplayer mode over local WiFi and Internet * How to play Singleplay * Destroy cyborgs and mechbots. Collect medical-packs to increase your health. Collect rockets for extra damage. Use left thumb on the left joypad to move John, use right thumb on the right joypad to make John fire in that direction when pressing one of the two weapon buttons. Don't forget to unholster your weapon first. * New! How to play PVP Multiplayer (Internet) * Press the 'Multiplay' button in the main menu to connect to the global internet play server. The ultimate DeadBotz challenge! Shoot other players and collect their kill reward to gain credits. Pickup weapons hidden around the city. You will need enough credits to pay for them. * Local Multiplay PVP over WiFi * Find the server players IP address from Android Cog menu Server player selects Configure then Server then City Level Client players select configure then Server IP then enter the server players IP then select multiplay hot tip: you can play local multiplay with your friends anywhere by using the Android Hotspot feature on an Android phone.
Deadbotz 3 Mute Winter multiplayer wifi shooter

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