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Welcome to an action game Ninja Loot you are a brave fighter martial arts study in which close to the largest master to save the world from a terrible danger with a sword and a rope that serve little clam to jump around! you can also run up walls an adventure in search of treasure chests. A total freedom in a realistic feudal atmosphere of sharp fighting like stars ninja loot a free game you have a grappling hook to go where you want to aim to get your hands on the relic gift to give life a conch that comes into contact treasures in chests. Ninja Loot story begins in an abandoned village in the Tokyo area a strange curse that befell the last surviving turning them all into a giant rat that is rodent attack and plague that spreads over the country. A former samurai Marian arts clan issued against AC fiancé armed with a sword and a grappling hook. Share your comments on our Ninja loot and another set free add-compatible tablet and Google play Samsung Galaxy S2 with high definition and texture generation graphics rendering quality. The team thanks you for your support pooandplay means a lot to us. ps: autograph has everything that is done ninja loot in raid
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