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Heroes of 71 : Retaliation

Heroes of 71 : Retaliation is the successor of "Heroes of 71" a third person shooting game based on the liberation war of Bangladesh. The graphics and animations are designed according to actual environment of war in 1971 that gives user experience of conquering in a combat environment based on Liberation War of Bangladesh. Gameplay: “Heroes of 71: Retaliation”, apart from presenting new missions and new characters, is different in gameplay from its predecessor, “Heroes of 71” that confined the player to one position without allowing any movement. The new game has radically changed these settings and allows the player to move forward while fighting the invading army. First level is about rescuing civilians and next level is about destorying a bridge to bar enemy resource supplies. All levels are interlinked to each other and dependent on game story. Levels are designed with improved graphical performance and visual appeal. New terrains added with both day and night time simulation to give a new combat experience.
Heroes of 71 : Retaliation

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