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Natural Born Soldier: Epic Multiplayer FPS

A one man made multiplayer online FPS, easy to grasp, action packed, cross-platform, not P2W and coming along with unique customizations no other FPS has. KEY FEATURES ● Intense multiplayer including various game modes, multiple weapons and well-crafted environments. ● 1-12 players (co-op or competitive). ● 20 weapons available ● 38 skins available for each weapon to design your unique weapon! ● Push the character personalization to next level by customizing your 3D soldier's face using any picture from your preferred character or even using your own selfie! ● More than 1100 customization combinations available to design your unique soldier! ● Exclusive game modes like Capture The Wolf, Adrenaline and Search & Protect, and of course also includes classic like FFA, Bomb Defusal, etc. ● Cool and unique match voting system. ● Spectate mode (freecam and 3rd person). ● Smooth, intuitive and customizable controls. ● Add your friends, see when they are online and join their current match. ● Leaderboards. The game is still under development, so more maps, weapons, and features to come, and any bugs found will be hunted down, but the game is already in a pretty good shape to have a great time. SUPPORT Soldier, have you been injured and require some support? Not a problem, please contact me in game by going to the «About» screen and tapping «Feedback» button or by sending me an email at [email protected] FOLLOW ME
Natural Born Soldier: Epic Multiplayer FPS

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