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Snake Off - More Play,More Fun

Snake Off is an upgrade of the classic original snake! Brand new gameplay is waiting for you! This super fun casual game requires speed and strategy! In Snake Off, players start off with a short snake. Play well to grow the snake and achieve domination! See if you can top the Leaderboards! Gameplay 1. Use the joystick to move your snake and grow longer by eating the colorful dots on the map. 2. Be careful! When the head of your snake touches another snake, it will die and leave behind dots. 3. Hold the speed-up button for better positioning to make other players run into your snake. Eat their corpses to grow longer! 4. Each game takes less than 5 minutes! Battle for the longest snake with your friends! Version Features 1. Choose between "Five Minute Mode" or "Endless Mode" and compete with friends. 2. Players can check the top players of the day and challenge them! If you like Snake Off, please recommend it to your friends! Suggestions and feedback are always welcome!
Snake Off - More Play,More Fun

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