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The Phenomenon

First trailer: Second trailer: FREE version: AFTER THE GAME INSTALLATION, DURING THE FIRST LAUNCH, YOU NEED TO SIGN IN TO GOOGLE PLAY GAMES The Phenomenon is an episodic survival horror game with great re-playability. The main character is Barry Nellan, a paranormal researcher whose work is known worldwide. Many cases connected with unexplained activity were investigated. Most gave no real results, but the last one… "Hospital Sinister" is the name people gave to this abandoned hospital. Many people try to avoid this hospital, as when they are near it they start feeling bad, it seems real fear and panic are stalking you here. There are rumors that a curse was put on the hospital, and that evil inhabits it. It is formed as a ghost, and it is called Sophie. Little girl Sophie was struggling from an unknown type of amnesia, and her parents took her to the hospital, where her granny, Annabelle, was a nurse. She was not getting better, and the girl was a resident of another country, undertaking expensive treatment. These events forced Annabelle to resort to non-traditional methods of treatment. After the death of her granddaughter, Annabelle could not sleep properly, she always had nightmares in which she was walking among Sophie, her grandpa, and dead people. It does not sound trite, but it was Friday the 13th when the old woman decided to settle a score with her own life in the forest. Shortly before the closure of the hospital, sinkholes began to appear around it, and the windows start turning black, preventing daylight from passing through. The hospital security guards Charlie and Alan call this all silly stories, blaming the abandoned mine Outlast, which is partially located under the hospital. It causes ground collapses and due to coal dust there is always a constant mist and windows are turning dark. In addition, the security guards don't believe in the hole Devil eye inside the mine that is deeper than the Kola Superdeep Borehole and leads directly to the Hell, where a demon voice or scream of someone’s sinful soul can be heard. Charlie and Alan say that ufologist Oliver Wake recently began to explore the hospital. In his youth, he was inspired by The X-Files, and since then he has been blogging, mostly on topics like Bigfoot, vampires and werewolves, UFO hunting, the conjuring spell. Many people know him from the article about the Lazarus serum within the secret government program under the FNAF codename. Currently, communication with Oliver is lost. You can find many more absurd legends about this hospital, that come even from internet videos and PC games, right up to those that people can find Rake, Slender here or, you would not believe, Baldi and Momo. But all those are just rumors, right? In the EPISODE 1, you will explore map of 3 square kilometers with over 500 spawns of objects, use devices for paranormal research, fight against creatures with smart and tricky AI, and find out a lot of other things that make each new game unique. Compete with other players to take the first place in the global leaderboards. Besides touch input, you can use the gamepad and a keyboard with a mouse. The main language is English, but Spanish and Russian are supported too. Please contact us if you need any assistance, have a proposal for future updates, or found a bug. Contact form: Twitter: Facebook: YouTube: Google+:
The Phenomenon

Version : 1,000+ for Android 1.7.2

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